Monday, March 24, 2014

How to make a kids' travel journal

We're going on a much-anticipated family holiday tomorrow. The four of us are off to South Africa to spend time with my amazing family, most of whom we haven't seen for well over 7 years. Because we'll be away for a few weeks, I wanted the boys to be able to keep a journal so they can remember everything we'll do.

I looked around the shops, but found most travel journals for kids were too expensive/simple/decorated, etc. I'm hard to please, as you can see :) I wanted something that had space for both writing and drawing (most are either lined or blank), had photo pockets, and could easily be adapted and added to. Of course I ended up making my own.

Before I started, I looked for photo pockets and bought some Project Life sheets online. They're 8x7" and that dictated the size of my journal.  I had to punch more holes, since the pockets are designed for their own journals, but a normal hole punch did the trick.  I also ordered a pack of beautiful paper and 8x7"dividers. I'll post links at the bottom of the post.  We're holding the books together with a small belt and a book elastic, since they're quite loose.

I then visited my friendly local bookbinders and got 4 chipboard covers cut and punched. I used some ring clips to keep the books together, and once the paper is in, it's easy to open up and add more sheets or rearrange things.

The fun part was designing the pages. I asked the boys for ideas about what they might see and do, so we could have some pages with headings. They can choose whether to draw or write, or stick tickets, photos and mementoes on these pages.

I created the pages in Illustrator, using the Langdon font and some free downloads (links at bottom). The boys are very proud of their journals and can't wait to start decorating the covers and writing in it tomorrow. They'll take these and some stickers, pens and pencils as carry-on luggage, which should keep them busy for a few hours. Fingers crossed...

Photo pockets: Becky Higgins Project Life Photo Pockets (design 2)
Paper and dividers: Studio Calico 'Here and There'
Langdon font: on Fontsquirrel
Seamless paper download: Fuzzimo Hi-Res notepad and notebook textures
World map vector: free download from

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