Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Paying it forward

Well, what a dry month it's been for this poor blog! All I can say is it's been a busy one at home with sick kids, school holidays and life in general.  I've had so many things I'd like to write about, but come the end of the day I just want to blob on the couch and admire my newly-rearranged lounge.  Small things...

One thing I don't want to forget about though is that I've been very fortunate be be featured in the UK Cross-stitcher magazine this month. They did an article about the talented Liz Smith from the Stitchsmith and asked her to name a few NZ stitchers whose work she likes, and I was one. Click on the images below to have a better look.

How nice of Liz! I also like what they say about my embroidery kits: 'neon shades agains a grey fabric: NZ chic'. I did not pay them to say that, honestly!

I am so thankful that my work is getting out there and being seen by more people, so I thought I'd do my own little showcase of some great textile artists that I've been following.

Jane Denton
Jane is a New Zealand jewellery and now textile designer, based in Wellington.  I love her use of colour and the woven look of her latest work, plus the fact that she makes embroidery into art.   (Photo from her website).

Another very talented designer from Wellington.  I was so surprised to meet Flora at Handmade last month because I had fallen for her designs online and didn't even know she lived in NZ. She is also a super-amazing illustrator with a keen sense of colour. Just look at her website for evidence if you don't believe me :) This is one of her screen-printed tea towels from her Etsy shop.

Karen is a textile designer, weaver, embroiderer and teacher who lives in Chile.  Her blog is full of beautiful photos that she takes of all her projects and experiments. I am blown away by her work ethic and consequent body of work.  This is her Copihue design (Chilean bellflower) on a tea towel (image from her shop).

It's getting late and I'm getting silly. I have a heap more people to write about some other time, so let's leave it here and I'll say goodnight. See you soon xx

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sewing for beginners: Ruby in the Dust DIY

I've decided to run a few sewing and craft classes and the first one is aimed at sewers with their own sewing machine.  I have a few friends who have been given a machine or bought one and haven't had the courage to use it, so with them in mind I've created a 2 1/2 h workshop teaching you the basics of using your machine and putting together a good toolkit. I'll guide you through the process of making a boxed tote bag in class and teach you what you need to know to use your machine for simple sewing projects. Hopefully you will leave inspired to make more bags or even come to my next class ready to learn how to make a simple garment. Email me to book or if you have any questions. 

The first workshop is on Sunday the 28th of July, 10-12.30 at Highbury House in Birkenhead.  $25 per person, with a maximum of 10 per session. 

Apart from teaching these workshops, I'm also available for smaller sessions: one to two people (two adults or a parent and child) working on a chosen project which could be anything from sewing to print-making on fabric. An hourly rate applies, so if this sounds like something you might be interested in, please contact me as well.