Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sewing again

I reacquainted myself with my sewing machine over the weekend.  I had been too long, but I felt the need to make myself a new pouch about an hour before I was meeting some girlfriends for a Twilight dinner and movie-party... I killed two birds with one stone: trying a new pattern I got from Vanessa over at LBG Studio, plus using my own fabric.  My photo really doesn't do it justice; the pouch is tall and folds over in the middle, and it has lovely leather details on the corners.  It fits my phone and wallet, great for going out without lugging a handbag along.

Using my fabric also gave me the push to finally open my Spoonflower shop, where you will be able to purchase some of my designs on either fabric or wallpaper.   There are a few designs up already, including a new version of 'In the Neighbourhood', now available in colour. There are also some new designs from this year that I've just done and forgotten about while I had Embroidery Kit Fever. 

If you buy on Spoonflower, designers get a small percentage from each sale, and buyers get fabric directly without having to pay for shipping twice, both of which are good in my book. The other bonus of opening yet another shop is that I get to make another shop banner! Anybody want a blog banner before I open another shop?


Adrianne said...

Gorgeous fabric - it makes a really nice pouch. Actually, I would upgrade what you've made to the status of a clutch - sounds much fancier! If I had your design skills I would be making blog headers and shop banners left right and centre also...

Vanessa said...

Love the pouch and had to take a peek at your fabric shop....the mosaic print is amazing!!!